Q.  Why sprouted nuts? 
A. Great question! Sprouted nuts are nuts, the way Mother Nature intended them to be. Soaking nuts in a mineral solution of filtered water and sea salt, followed by a low-heat dehydration, mimics nature's process of germination, allowing your body to digest the nut properly and assimilate more nutrients (mainly proteins and B vitamins).

To make it simple, here's a formula: sprouted > raw > roasted. Enough said.

Historic cultures, scientific studies, and endless personal anecdotes have shown that sprouting nuts allows for proper digestion and increased uptake of vitamins and minerals. What does this mean for you? A healthier and better tasting snack, one that will taste great during and feel great after. Grab a handful and experience the sprouted difference!

Q.  How do you sprout the nuts? I thought sprouted almonds have "tails"?
A. Our nuts are soaked for enough time (4-12 hours, depending on the nut) to remove anti-nutrients, such as phytates, and enzyme inhibitors. Why? To produce more bioavailable nutrients and allow for easier digestion, of course. To combat the fact that humans cannot produce phytase, which breaks down phytates, we soak the nuts long enough to wash this anti-nutrient away, but not long enough for the nuts to grow a tail.  We then dry them at low temperatures to activate living enzymes and to enhance the effect of naturally occurring nutrients.

Q.  What do you soak your nuts in?
A. Our sprouted nuts are soaked in filtered water and Ancient Fine sea salt, courtesy of our friends at Redmond's Sea Salt. Check them out! They're the real deal.

Q.  Do y'all even give back?
A. Heck yeah! The 10% project is an idea that was inspired by Holy Kombucha. SPRINGBOUND gives 10% of its profits to causes that we care about. Our current partnering organization is Hands 4 Others, a revolution providing sustainable clean water to African villages.

Q.  Where can I purchase these delicious snacks?
A. Check out our Store Locator for a store near you! We also offer our sample packs, Pecans, and Texas Chili Medley on Amazon Prime