In a Nutshell...

SPROUTED NUTS: Nuts, the way Mother Nature intended. Our products mimic nature's process of germination, leaving you feeling great from first bite to elimination! We use five ingredients or less for each snack, keeping you safe from hidden ingredients and promoting transparency in the food industry (a rare and novel concept these days!). 


BACKGROUND: When I (Brad) was looking for a tastier and healthier alternative to the raw and roasted nuts I saw on the shelf, I felt hopeless. Would I ever find nuts that taste great, don't upset my stomach, and don't break the bank? Then I remembered the sprouted nuts Mama Searle made for my family. Every trip home from college, I took bags of these amazing snacks with me to share with friends (or not!). And so the idea for SPRINGBOUND Snacks (formerly Nourishing Nutz) was born! After many iterations to create an equally healthy and tasty snack, we're proud to say we nailed it. Enjoy the sprouted nuts, my friends!

With love,

 Brad Searle (Chief Health Nut) and Laura Jbeily (Chief Queen Bee)


Contact: Shoot me an email at, I'm generally quick on the response!